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Work of Dr. Masaru Emoto
I am a distributor for Natural Action Structured Water systems developed by Clayton Nolte.   

Science now proves the theory that water has memory and is affected by the energies it comes in contact with as it goes through its life cycle.  Dr. Masaru Emoto has done considerable research into the effects of words on water.  Dr. Emoto's link in the left column will take you from this page, so click the back arrow in your browser to come back.

                                           ERASING THE MEMORY

Depending on the energy the water you use has been exposed to, it can be healthy for you or harmful.  Natural Action Structuring units erase the memory of your water and return it to the state it was designed to function in, promoting and protecting life.  The improvements in health and wellness seem to touch most every malady people, plants, and animals suffer with: Testimonials 

These units are available in portable, shower, under sink, garden, whole house, and commercial sizes.  Products Prices listed do not include shipping and handling.

Contact me for a demonstration or more informaton:

Telephone: 509-433-2263 cell

e-mail:  tom@tommerry.com   
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